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I'm originally from Pennsylvania: "from away", as a native Mainer would say. I first came here when I was 7 years old on a family trip to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins who lived in Cape Elizabeth. The drive from Pennsylvania to Maine seemed to last for days, and I wasn't too thrilled about it. Little did I know then that this visit was about to change my life forever. 

On day two, we all piled in my Uncle's car and headed over to the coast. When I first stood on the magnificent granite ledge that lines the coastline here, looked out over the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and inhaled the intoxicating scent of salt in the air, it was pure magic to me. I fell in love with this place. Instantly.

We would spend much of our time at the edge of the sea during that trip. I would scramble along the rocks and call out to family members every time I saw something that they 'just had to see'. "Look at these crabs in this tide pool". "Wow, look at the color of this seaweed and the way it moves in the water". "Look at the size of those crashing waves." I was a wide-eyed kid who was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of coastal Maine.

Those feelings I had when I first came here as a 7 year old kid have never left me, and it's at the heart of why I make my pictures today, some 50 years later. I love this place. I really love this place. 

When I head out with my camera, I go it alone which is by choice. It's a very personal, introspective process for me. When I was 7, I shared my enthusiasm for what I was seeing by trying to drag as many people as I could over to my location. Today, I share these moments of joy and discovery through fine art prints but the idea is exactly the same now as it was in my youth. I hope you enjoy these pictures of this place that's so dear to me.

All of the images on this site are available for purchase. Prints are made by the artist using a Canon iPF8100 large format printer with LUCIA 12-color archival pigment inks. Currently, we're printing on 310g Canson Infinity Baryta papers. The combination of paper and ink used are designed to ensure lightfastness of the photograph for over 100 years behind UV protected glass. Black & white prints can be expected to resist fading for longer than that.

Prints are mounted with an 8-ply, pure white, acid free archival mat with backing, and are ready for framing. All prints are open edition, numbered, titled and signed by the artist. Please note that print prices do not include applicable taxes or shipping and handling. Some images may not be available in the 20x30 and 24x36 sizes. Please call or email for more information.

8 x 12 (12 x 16 matted)........$185
10 x 15 (17 x 22 matted)......$285
16 x 24 (24 x 32 matted).....$525
20 x 30 (28 x 38 matted)....$685
24 x 36 (28 x 40 matted).....$750

To order a print(s), please email or call with the name of the picture that you'd like along with the size of print. The name can be found at the bottom of the image. Once we receive your order, we'll confirm the details via an invoice which we'll email to you. Images are printed to order and while we'll do our best to expedite your order, it may take several weeks for you to receive your print. All orders must be prepaid prior to shipment.